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We sincerely welcome visitors to Gwangjin-gu
Council website.

Gwangjin-gu Council will always work with you.

광진구의회 의장 김창현
The 8th Gwangjin-gu Council is about to take its first hopeful step upon the support of citizens.
14 members of Gwangjin-gu Council will make a harmonious council through
respect and cooperation to live up with citizens’ expectations though sincere parliamentary activities.

We will sincerely perform the duty of the council to reflect citizens’ opinions
into the administration, and work hard to promote welfare of 36 million Gwangjin people
through horizontal relationship with the executive branch.
We ask for your attention and participation. We always hope for your sound and happy life.

Thank you.

Chairperson of the Gwangjin-gu Council
Go Yang-suk

주소 및 연락처, 저작권정보